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2015-03-20 12:30:42 2015 EOS/ESD Symposium in Asia

2015 EOS/ESD Symposium in Asia

Ͻ: 2015 6 30(ȭ) ~ 7 3()

: COEX, ۷Ÿ 308ȣ

ȸ: COEX, ۷Ÿ 307ȣ

Ͻ: 2015 7 2() ~ 73()

̹ Ǵ EOS/ESD Symposium in Asia ƿ Ͽ ֵǾ Factory Symposium  ̱ ų ֵǴ EOS/ESD Symposium ߰ Դϴ.

̹ ֿ ̺Ʈ Technical Program Device Design κа System Level  ׽Ʈ, ׸ Factory Level ESD پϰ Technical Presentation Դϴ.

Ǵ Tutorial ProgramANSI/ESD S20.20 - Process Design Overview Process Assessment, Contamination and ESD Issues in Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Process ׸, Systemlevel ESD Codesign ESD Association Tutorial Program Դϴ.


Ư̺Ʈ Ǵ Invited Talk , ù ESD Specialist Jeremy SmallwoodESD in Industry - Present and Future ° imec ESD Ͼ Dimitri LintenOverview of the State-of-the-Art ESD Reliability Research for FinFET and 3D IC ǥ ̴ 

ù Special Event Ǵ WorkshopRobert Bosch ESD Ͼ Christoph ThienelElectrical Overstress (EOS) of Semiconductors (SC) in Automotive Applications, Root Causes, and Conclusions Դϴ.


ֿ Ǵ 7 2() ~7 3() ȸ ֵ ̸, 13 ~16 ν غǾ پ ESD ü ȸ ν ǰ ü Դϴ.


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